Coupon Chief - A Gem for Online Shopping

Here is one to file under "nothing to do with fitness", but it is definitely blog worthy!

I was recently referred to a website called CouponChief.com. This site is awesome! Anytime I make purchases online I always do a search for coupon codes. Hey, I say if there is a discount out there (which there usually is) why not use it! Read on for some of the great features of CouponChief.com and see why I considered it "blog worthy"!

Lots O' Coupons
CouponChief.com is the "grand daddy" library of coupon codes! There are hundreds of stores listed and includes everything from clothing stores to home and decor stores. There are even coupon codes for the "big" stores such as Target and Best Buy! You can search by store or by category. It is so easy to find your coupons! You can even create a profile and select your favorite stores and CouponChief.com will email you when new coupon codes are uploaded!

Coupon Ratings
I love attention to detail and this website has done a great job addressing "the little things" that I find very useful. Each coupon code has a rating system where anyone who uses it can not only rate the coupon code, but can also leave comments. Pretty much you won't be surfing through hundreds of coupon codes that don't work!

Pay-2-Share Program
I don't know about you, but my inbox gets flooded with weekly emails (admittedly I opted for) from stores that I love. Most of them have some kind of coupon code in them. CouponChief.com has a program where you can upload your own coupon codes and when someone clicks on them and uses them, you will receive 2% of the sales. You probably won't be able to pay your mortgage with this, but that free cup of coffee or meal sounds great to me!

Its FREE!!!
Did I mention its free to use (even the pay-2-share program)? Really nothing else need be said on this one!

Truly, I think this is a great site that everyone can use! Check it out, pass it on, enjoy!

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