As Seen on TV!

So if you are a Houstonian, you know that we have had a near drought this summer! No rain! A handful of showers over the past three months with lots of blinding sunshine...right?! Last night I was both anxious and excited about Stroller Strides Memorial re-opening for the Fall after a brief summer break!

Then the rain came! Lots and lots of it! It rained off and on throughout the night and this morning. I thought to myself "NO!!! No one will show up for class and it will be me and camera crew!" Thankfully it wasn't just me! My dear friend and fellow Stroller Strides Allison came to class today! Awesome mommy!

Ryan from KPRC Channel 2 and his camera man were such good sports! They filmed the entire class and put together a mini masterpiece that aired this afternoon during the 4 o'clock hour!

So without further adieu, here is 2 minutes and 19 seconds of Stroller Strides Memorial on the news!

Stroller Strides Memorial on KPRC Channel 2 News from Valerie Gay on Vimeo


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