Sorry I just have to vent and give those of you who might be trying to contact me a heads up!

I love Stroller Strides but our email and phone system sucks! Royally sucks! Either my email or my phone number (and at times both) don't work and there is never a good explanation of why that is! If you are one of the many whose calls or emails I never returned I promise I am not ignoring you!

So for those of you who venture here from the Stroller Strides Memorial website, please use the "Contact Me" button above to contact me about class info, registrations! Other franchisees and pretty much anyone else who needs to get in touch with me, please do the same! Otherwise there is a good chance you will never hear from me! If you are one whose call or email was never responded to, please send me an email from the "contact me" button too!

I apologize for the rant and for any inconvenience this might have imposed!

Thank you.

Whew, breathe!

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