Where does your city rank?

Believe it or not, this is downtown Houston!

The results are in...Houston is not the fittest city in America! Like I didn't know that! Houston actually came in at #41 on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) American Fitness Index (AFI). Considering that Houston was named America's Fattest City a few years ago, I'd say that is a jump in fitness rank! Hmmm...I wonder if a few fit mamas (wink, wink) helped to raise our stats! We still have long way to go though!

I knew when I started Stroller Strides that our city's lack of fitness motivation might be a factor in my success. I have to admit that it has been more difficult that I orginally expected. Lots of people like the idea of Stroller Strides and fitness in general...as long as it remains an idea! I am still happy to have started it up and feel very blessed for the many friendships and partnerships I have made, not to mention the 20+ lbs that I lost! ...plus time well spent with my kids "priceless"!

Where does your city rank? If you are low in the ranks like Houston maybe you and some fellow friends/moms can set the example by starting a workout group! You'll be amazed at what us moms can accomplish when we work together!

Check out your city's rank here!

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Ericka Freeman said...

Great blog, Valerie! I was surprised to see that Dallas is not too far ahead of Houston! I thought our city was much more fit :)