How do you eat an elephant?

The answer: one bite at a time.

Let me be clear, I'm not telling anyone to eat an elephant! I use this analogy to illustrate the steps to fully living a healthy lifestyle. These steps are small but purposeful steps. It is not always easy to commit to a change of diet and regular exercise. A lot of moms think of where they would like to be, slimmer, healthier, stronger, but are immediately discouraged by the thought of losing those yummy foods or the thought of the guaranteed soreness that comes after those first workouts. Ultimately though it comes down to just starting and then consistently repeating.

One thing I can guarantee is that with consistent diet and exercising you will begin to feel better a lot sooner than you might think! And by dieting I don't mean eating carrot sticks all day. By dieting I mean, reducing those foods that pack on the fat and calories and increasing the foods that promote your health such as fruits and vegetables. In reality, the more you diet and exercise, the more you get to eat! I personally LOVE food and routinely work out a menu that is well balanced AND full of flavor. Don't look for the quick fad diets. Most of them only work short term and several of them are down right dangerous! Take some time to learn the science behind dieting. Learn the difference between good fats and bad fats, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol (yes there is a good kind), why carbs are necessary, what your body requires on a daily basis and how to get it from your foods. I'm not saying to go get your BS in nutrition! Just take a little time to do your homework...and then get out there and exercise!

I'm calling all moms to take action! As a mom not only will you positively impact your life, you will positively impact the lives of your friends and family. I promise when you are lookin good, smiling ear to ear, and not starving they will take notice and want the same!

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