A Great Day for Stroller Strides

Today was awesome! We had great weather, no mosquitos, and a great workout! All of the babies were perfect and even my two weren't too bad! If this is a glimpse of the fun to be had this Fall, then I am thrilled!

Its been 6 months since the birth of Stroller Strides Memorial and I am so happy and honored to be part of the lives of our founding moms. When we started their babies were all just a few months old and now they are celebrating or about to celebrate their first birthdays! We've all been there to share the tips, the milestones, and the laughs!

What a wonderful world Stroller Strides brings!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great workout this morning! I'm really excited to be a new part of SS and am looking forward to enjoying the cooler weather with a new workout routine and new friends!