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Published recently in the NY Times Fitness and Nutrition section is an article about running with a stroller! A few of my favorite keywords from the article...stroller, running, Stroller Strides ;), and last but certainly not least Texas A&M University (I'm an Aggie if you didn't know)!

A few excerpts from today's article:

Farel Hruska, the national fitness director of Stroller Strides who designed a 5K race training program with strollers, said that many runners feel compelled to keep both hands on the stroller handle, but that it’s not necessary.

“It’s fine to run with one hand on it, but alternate hands,” Ms. Hruska said. “Occasionally swing one arm to avoid shoulder and neck discomfort and to run more naturally.”


A study of five male and five female runners done at Texas A&M University, published in 2005 in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, found no increased injury because of stroller use while running. But some runners say that compromising form, pushing too much weight or increasing stroller mileage too quickly can cause problems.

Source: The NY Times, September 30th

You can read the entire article here.

I have been walking/running with my jogging stroller for a while now and I am at that point where I am completely uncoordinated without it. With a jogger in front I can run a straight line, no problem! Without it I feel like a train off the track and end up weaving all over the place! Obviously I need more practice and now that the weather is cooling off (well kind of) I have no excuses!

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