Interesting Fact about Milk

Milk? Interesting? Why yes!

As women calcium is a big deal (in case you didn't know that, it is)! We are continually at risk of losing bone density and for several reasons (of which I won't go into presently). So it is imperative that we actively and continually consume foods that are high in calcium. An obvious source, milk. I love to drink a cold glass of milk, but I really prefer 2% or whole milk. Anything lower than 2% is just too watery for me! I thought I was doing well in the calcium department because it seems that thick hearty milk would be loaded with it! Right? Wrong! The calcium found in milk is actually found in the non-fat portion of milk so the more fat, the less calcium. It turns out that glass of lowfat milk is even healthier than you thought!

Just some food for thought! ;)


Drahdrah said...

Wow, I didn't know that. Great site. Just stopping by from SITS and Chic Chick ! I'll be back.

KV Creative Designs said...

Happy Saturday!!

This is great info! Thank you for sharing!!! Visiting from SITS!

Let me know if I can share it on my blog too! Thanks!

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Moms Fighting Fat said...

Very nice site! I found you on Blogher this morning but noticed you're a SITS gal too. :-)

I prefer to get my calcium from Soymilk and also Chia Seeds--those little guys provide 18% of your daily calcium needs in just one ounce. Also, they pack a whopping 10.7 grams of fiber in one ounce too! That's on top of Omega-3's.

Have a Healthy Day!

~ Sandy
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