Its BIG and its Coming!

Well OK two big things...

The first being the launch of my long overdue design studio. Here is my shameless plug for my new baby Chara Studios! I love photography and pretty much all things design so Chara (which is the greek word for "joy") will bring to the world both! I am working on the website right now so it is not live yet, but be thinking of those great blog or website designs you want, or a custom handstamped pendant...or pretty print designs like stationary and mommy cards...or (and this is still a maybe, but most likely) beautiful camera straps, yes camera straps, and last but certainly not least awesome photography!

OK that is it for Chara...for now ;)

The next BIG thing is an idea the size of a grain of sand, but has potential become a huge! Because of that, well I am not going to tell you what it is! I don't want to announce this thing and then it not happen, but with some careful and diligent planning, it definitely could...maybe!

I know! I know! I hate it too when people do that! I had to get in some form of writing so I can't weenie out of it! Just know that it is big and it is coming!


Angie said...

Congratulations on Chara! It is some amazing to see people do what they love and fulfill their dreams. I am looking forward to the website!

Oh, and so not fair that you plant a bug and don't share. Well, I guess I just have to check back daily until you post about it.

terribletype said...

How is the website going? Is it live yet? Can't wait to see it.
When are we going to find out about the other BIG news?