We made it out to the Got Milk? tour!

Riley is still dealing with an upper respiratory bug but she seemed to be in a well enough mood to go to the Got Milk? event. I had these wonderfully high hopes of getting this adorable picture of me and my kiddos with milk mustaches but the kids were not exactly cooperative once we got there!

They did enjoy the free bottles of chocolate milk they were given and enjoyed making fun of me and my milk-stache!

Before we left I was given a cute tote bag with a got milk? tee! It was a fun outing for me and my tots!

Riley was obviously not digging picture time! Joshua was OK with taking pictures but didn't want to do the milk mustache! My milk-stache started to wear off after trying to get the kids to stay still!

Here they were serving smoothies...yum! These smoothies were the source of the 'stache!

Let's not forget the 5 minute massage!

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