Voting for Mommy Madness

Look for this logo on the Mommy Madness Houston website and vote!

The voting has begun!

Here are a few FAQ's for voting...

How many times can I vote?
As many times as you wish! You have to fill out a little form for your submission and then select your favorite mom (insert throat clearing noise here)! That's it! The voting stats are given once you submit your entry.

Who can vote?
Anyone who is over the age of 21, lives in TX, and is not an immediate family member of me (sorry Jason) can vote.

Why should I vote?
Of course the main reason is because you love and support me your Houston area Mom Squad!

Another perk to submitting your vote is you will be entered for a prize package to the Barton Creek Resort in Austin, TX. The prize package includes two rooms at the resort and a $400 gift card to spend while there (ladies can you say spa treatment)!

I promise its easy, its painless, and you will be helping one lucky mom to win favorite out of the Houston Mom Squad!


Cynthia said...

Hi! I'm on the Dallas MomSquad. Aren't you loving your new Traverse! I like your site and hope you will check out mine. Good luck in the contest!! Maybe I'll see you at the spa (fingers crossed)!

terribletype said...