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Today marks the official start of the Mommy Madness campaign for Houston! We've had the Traverse for a few days and I can already tell it will be tough saying goodbye to our temporary family car!

The kids love it, especially their own sunroof! I will be doing an ongoing tour of the Traverse over the next few weeks! There are a lot of cool features and you'd be watching a short feature film starring yours truly if I were to do it all in one video!

I have to give props to all TV personalities out there! I definitely need to work on my "on screen presence"! A bit of trivia for you...for every video posted there about ten filmed that were, well they were not good!

Another side note!...I had to take a 5 minute break from writing as Riley came in from outside and with her sweet 2 year old voice and said "Mommy Domino (the dog) eat it and its yucky." Domino was sitting innocently in the yard with a look of "what?" It is still undetermined what yucky substance she ate. I'm sure I will find out though when she pukes it up later!

A little history on how this whole Mommy Madness campaign came into our lives...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an executive from CBS Radio (Jeanie) via facebook. She sent me a message asking if I was the owner of the Moms Living Fit blog and that she wanted to talk to me about a campaign that CBS radio was doing in collaboration with Chevrolet. It is not uncommon for various reps to contact me and ask me to blog about upcoming events or products so I figured this would be the same thing. I contacted her the very next morning and got her voicemail. I left my message and went on about my day. Jason and I joked around and said, "what are they going to give you, a car?" We'd been offered an assortment of stuff from other reps like Disney on Ice tickets, Got Milk? goodies, etc. I was expecting a hat and key chain or something along those lines! A few hours later, she returned my call and started to tell me that they would like to offer me a spot on the Mom Squad for their Mommy Madness campaign and all of the details. I heard her say (although it didn't compute right away) "We would like our moms to drive a Chevy Traverse for 8 weeks...pay for gas...spa treatment...other mommy mission...vote for your favorite mom." Imagine me eyes wide open, mouth agape! My first reaction was "this can't be real!" I told Jason about everything and vowed not to mention it (I did tell a few close friends) until I was certain it was real!

A week later, we started getting our paperwork and a few prospective dates. I still sat on them since I was still uncertain of it all. Another week went by and that is when the ball really started rolling! We were told we could announce our participation in the campaign and that we would have our new Traverses the following Thursday (last Thursday).

To my utter amazement and shock I drove out of the CBS Studio parking garage last Thursday in a brand new Chevy Traverse! The other moms and I (minus one who was out of town) all got to meet along with the CBS Radio and GM executives (all of them fellow moms) working on the campaign. We also got to meet several of the radio personalities that will be promoting the Mommy Madness campaign on the air waves and making announcements about our blog posts. We were given our Mommy Madness packets which were filled with some really cool stuff and also given a really cool video recorder to film our adventures with!

Can you believe it?!

What an honor, what an experience! We were told that they reviewed over 200 mommy blogs in the Houston area and that ours were the best. Thank you Jesus!

So now what...

We will be continuing to post our blogs and video over the next 8 weeks on our experiences driving a Chevy Traverse. I will be posting here, on my home blog, and most importantly on the Mommy Madness website. Bookmark that page and don't forget to vote for your favorite mom! You can vote as many times as you wish! Each vote will enter you into a drawing for a girl's getaway weekend (you, or your wife/significant other/some girl you know, and 3 friends) to the Barton Creek Resort in Austin, TX. Not bad for the click of a mouse! Also if you are in the Houston area (or just feel like driving here), you can get a free massage from Massage Envy by test driving the Traverse! To do this go to your Houston area Chevy dealer and request to test drive the Traverse. When you come back from your test drive you will have your certificate waiting for you! Trust me you'll love it...and you'll enjoy the massage too!

Houston Mom Squad

I've mentioned several times that I am on the squad but have yet to give you the names of the other 4! Here they are!

Larami Serrano of The Alpha Team
Angie Siders of A Slice of Life
Christine Meeker of Christine Meeker Photography
Stephanie Click of Real Life Mom

They are all extraordinary women and it is an honor to be in their company and on the Mom Squad with them!

You can also check out the other two Mommy Madness campaigns going on in Dallas and Kansas City!

Please feel free to leave your questions and comments! I will try to answer the questions as they come in!

This was the first trip to Stroller Strides for the Traverse! The moms were all excited to see it drive up! My giant double Bob stroller fit perfectly in the back!

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