March for Babies

This morning all five of us were up and out the door before 8 am to join our Stroller Strides team at March for Babies! Our team was one of the largest Stroller Strides teams in the country and we also kicked butt in fundraising with a grand total of $3475!

The course was either 4 or 5 miles! We were told by the March of Dimes staff that the course was 5 miles, but on the map it says 4. Either way, it was a long walk and each of our kids got in at least a mile on foot!

Yes, Riley is in a nightgown (Daniella's to be exact)! She refused to wear a shirt! She is wearing shorts underneath!

Elizabeth, Brandon, and Reese from Stroller Strides Pearland

Rosa's hubby and gorgeous baby girl Sydney

Me and the family

Lining up for the walk

There were thousands there today!

Running AND pushing a double jogger! Reminds me of her mama!

Joshua could have definitely run the whole course!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, over $3000...great job! Your team looks fantastic in their pink Stroller Strides shirts too!