Vote for a Funny Mommy Blog

I have mentioned on several occasions how much I enjoy reading a blog by Dawn Meehan called Because I Said So! I'm not the only one too! Last year she was nominated for not one but 4 different Blogger's Choice Awards and won 1st in Best Parenting, 2nd in Best Humor, 4th for Hottest Mommy Blogger, and 6th for Best Blog of All Time...Wow!

She is nominated again for all but Best Blog of All Time this year. I highly recommend stopping by her blog, especially when you have those mommy moments when you feel like tearing out your hair and going for a few round with a punching bag! It is very funny and sometimes we all just need to laugh!

You can vote for her blog here.

Also she her first book (also called Because I Said So) just came out (or is about to). If you need your humor on the go, this might be an option for you!

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