Live Inspired

I love fitness and healthy living, but I also love photography and photo art (photo books, scrapbooking, digi scrap, etc). I bought a great book last year by Donna Downey and have been following her blog ever since. If you want some great ideas for your photos check out her stuff!

Donna's motto is "live inspired and dream with possibility". I love that! She took her own words to heart when she started her journey to weight loss and healthy living. Like many of us she is swamped with kids and work, but she set her goals in January 08 and a year later she is 46 pounds lighter, several dress sizes smaller, has run a few 5K's, and is about to run her first half marathon! Talk about being inspired!

Read about this amazing mom's journey to fitness here and let her story inspire you to "dream with possibilites"!


Cathy {Mommy Needs Motivation} said...

Oh I love good inspiration! I started my fitness today. I walked. Just to school and back - 20 minutes or so but for me, its a great start!! :)

I'll keep coming by here for the inspiration! Thanks for the great links too.

FREE2BME said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. I thought I'd check yours out as well. I really need to get in shape. lol I love your site and I look forward to hear from you again soon.. Many Blessings. Martha

FREE2BME said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog.. Man I need to loose weight! lol I look forward to hearing from you again soon..

Many Blessings!