I'm a Dork!

I'll be the first to admit...I love blogging! More specifically I love writing and even more than writing, I love to read! It all ties in together because the more I read (and I read A LOT) the more info piles into my head meaning the more info that wants a medium to get out! It works!

So keeping that in context, I was reading the Blogger Buzz and there was a post on the new and update Follow and Google Friend Connect feature for Blogger. Pretty much anyone can sign up for a blogger account (it is just a user name and password) and you have a blogger home page where you can read recent posts from the blogs you follow as well as read updates from Blogger. Entering dork waters, I know!

The new Follow feature (if I understand correctly) allows you follow along and leave your comments even if you do not have a blogger account. Pretty cool! Yes I know, I'm a dork!

So if you are a frequent reader of Moms Living Fit, I invite you to "follow" this blog! There is a Followers widget in the sidebar (the arrow is pointing the way)! You can sign up to follow the blog there!

Thank you to all of my faithful readers!


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kathryn said...

Hi Valerie,

My name is Kathryn Kaplan and I work with Got Milk? I had a chance to look at your blog and noticed that you and your children like to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Our iconic Milk Mustache Tour is going to be in the Dallas area from March 17-21. The tour offers a variety of free, family focused events that I really think your family would enjoy. We would love for you to attend and blog about the event! Let us know if you are interested and we would be happy to send you some Got Milk? goodies! Feel free to contact me with any questions at kkaplan@webershandwick.com. Thanks for being a great role-model to other moms!