A 1/2 Day in the Life..

For anyone out there who thinks that being work at home mom allows for more free time...Think Again!

I just found a spare 20 minutes and could not think of what to do so I figured I'd throw in a blog post!

Here is my day so far and it is pretty typical on a daily basis...

- Woke up to a fussy baby in my face wanting chocolate milk.

- Got up and fixed chocolate milk x2...I knew I had to have milk for the other tot after he wakes up! Also turned on the TV to Disney to entertain Riley while I get everything ready.

- Took clothes out of the dryer...then put clothes from the washer in the dryer...then put new load of laundry in the washer. Moms I know you know that routine!

- Brushed teeth and got dressed. Gave my son his first wake up call. Riley calls out and says she done with her milk and now wants cereal. Retrieve milk cup and fix cereal cups.

- Tot wake up call #2. Check and send a few emails.

- Prepare sippy cups and snacks and do a diaper bag check for all of the basic necessities (diapers, wipes, changes of clothes). Notice need spare undies and shorts for Joshua.

- Time for Riley to get a new diaper and get dressed. Wake up call #3 for Josh!

- Put stuff in the car. Storm into Joshua's room and start dressing him while he's asleep. He wakes up and protests! I convince him to go potty and brush teeth.

- Argue with Joshua about his shorts and shoes. He is not cooperating!

- Time to leave...we are late...as usual! Joshua is purposely walking extra slow to the car. Mommy wishes for coffee!

- Finally made it to the car. Arguing with the kids about where they need to sit. Finally get them in their seats and seat belts on.

- Drive to Stroller Strides! It starts raining on the way there. Uh-Oh, I hope it doesn't last long!

-Yay made it and it is not raining! Love to see the moms and their kiddos! Had a fun class. The weather cooperated...unlike Joshua!

- Stopped at mom's to drop something off. Argue with the kids to get back in their seats!

- Drive to Chick -Fil - A to meet Amy and Gavin for lunch. Had a great lunch! Mandy and Andy, nice to meet ya!

- We let the kids play in the indoor playground while we tried to carry a conversation over the screaming kiddos!

- Joshua takes off to the bathroom. He's holding his bum, must mean #2!

- I was right, it was #2! Joshua runs out of the bathroom holding a pair of poop filled undies. I grab the diaper bag (thank heavens I refilled the undies and shorts), head the bathroom, and clean him up. Put on clean undies and shorts, scrub the hands, back to more playing!

- Finish up our playtime and leave for home. Riley falls alseep in the car! She played hard!

- Arrive back home. Let the dog out and see that the cat puked in the hall...again! Put Riley down on the bed, have to change her in a few minutes!

- Clean up cat puke then change Riley's diaper and clothes.

- Take out clothes from dryer, put clothes from washer into dryer, put today's yucky kid clothes into the washer!

- Call Joshua and Domino in. Notice the cat has pooped outside of her litter box...again!

- Clean up the poop. Notice that the toilet is clogged! When will it end!

- Unclog toilet and then clean out litter box so it is fresh and clean!

- Take out the trash and scrub hands! Put on a Scooby Doo movie for Joshua and realize I have 2o minutes before I have to leave to pickup my 1st grader! Hmmm, what to do in 20 minutes??

- Alarm on my clock just went off. Time to leave!

Off to part two of my day!

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