Moms with a Mission - Pure Prevention Tip

My apologies for the drop in blog posts! It has been a week of the flu here :( Yuck!

Here is this week's Moms with a Mission tip...

Get Outside www.pureprevention.org/act_getoutside.php

We know that exercise can help protect against breast cancer and many other negative health outcomes. Physical activity reduces your exposures to certain ovarian hormones. Exercise with weights helps build muscle and reduce body fat, lowering your level of circulating estrogen. Lower levels of ovarian hormones and circulating estrogen both decrease your breast cancer risk. Through annual outdoor physical challenges, the Breast Cancer Fund enables breast cancer survivors and supporters to find strength through adversity and make strides to eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer. Each year, a courageous group of women take part in an amazing experience called Climb Against the Odds with fundraising proceeds going to Breast Cancer Fund programs. For more information on this once in a lifetime experience go to Climb Against the Odds at www.breastcancerfund.org/climb.

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