Running for Moms

Today in class we talked about a subject that I've noticed can evoke some strong feelings, both good and bad...running! Running is hands down one of the simplest and best exercises you can do. It is also one of the most painful, tedious, and at times unpleasant, right? I myself have the dirty little secret of not always being a big fan of the run!

You don't have feel this way though! Seriously! The key to enjoying a good run is to (what's the first step) start and start simply! If the last mile you ran was a cumulative few speedy steps over the past few years, then going out and tackling a mile today is not the best approach! Start small! Run for 2 minutes a few times a week to start. Sounds like nothing, but if your lungs and heart are not seasoned it will be the longest two minutes you'll have had in a while! Then bump it up to five minutes, then 7, then 10, etc. Build up your cardiovascular fitness gradually and you'll find that after a few weeks you actually will love running! You'll feel energized like you could never imagine! Think you don't have the time? Remember, 2 minutes!!! You can tackle 2 minutes of running in a day's time, I promise you!

When you run you work your heart, lungs, legs, abs...pretty much every part head to toe! It is a great exercise and will love it over time!

A few tips to making those first runs less unpleasant:

1. Wear good shoes!
A lot of the pain and injury associated to running can be associated to not wearing the proper shoes! You don't have to pay a fortune for them either! If you go to Overstock.com or online outlets you can find last year's model with huge discounts!

2. If you have one, bring your mp3 player.
Play your favorite music or music that gets you moving and let that occupy your mind while you run! For me I need something a bit "stronger"! I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts, it requires a little more attention on my part! *I also use my ipod for housework time! It makes laundry folding and floor scrubbing a little more bearable!

3. Run with a friend.
Sometimes you just need that extra push (sometimes just to get out the door) and having someone to encourage you and vice versa can be a big help!

4. If you run with your kids (either in a stroller or beside you) use this a time for fun and reward! Go for a smoothie afterwards and marvel over how fast you can go (even at a snails pace they love it)!

A great resource for running for both beginners and advanced runners is runnersworld.com. This site offers everything from shoe reviews to fuel-filling diet plans! There are also several great mommy runner blogs and sites such as SeeMommyRun.com.

I'm routing for ya mamas! Get your run on!

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