Moms with a Mission - Pure Prevention

Pure Prevention is a campaign from the Breast Cancer Fund and LUNA Bar to raise awareness about the environmental causes of breast cancer and empower us to live actively, healthy and well. Pure Prevention focuses on 5 Tips for easy, everyday actions to help reduce the risk of breast cancer: Create a Healthy Home; Eat Smart; Choose Safe Cosmetics; Get Outside; and Join the Campaign to spread the word about prevention. Join the Pure Prevention Campaign and share this information with colleagues, friends and family at www.pureprevention.org.

1. Create a Healthy Home www.pureprevention.org/act_healthyhome.php

Make your home a chemical-free sanctuary. Many household items, including paper products and cleaning supplies, contain cancer-causing chemicals. These products can be replaced with safer, non-toxic alternatives available at your local supermarkets and health food stores. Plus, by making smart purchases you let manufacturers and retailers know that you won’t stand for toxic products.

Some plastics leach chemicals into the substances they touch, so you should try to choose non-plastic alternatives when possible.
• Avoid microwaving your food in plastic containers or in plastic wrap. Choose ceramic or glass containers instead.
• Swap plastic water bottles for stainless steel or aluminum options.
Choose non-toxic baby toys and shower curtains instead of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), plastic or vinyl.


CJ said...

Thank you, Val, for helping us raise awareness around breast cancer prevention!
Pure Prevention/Breast Cancer Fund

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