Another Beautiful Morning...

It was bright, sunny, and breezy this morning...perfect for Stroller Strides! We had a big class and all our moms did a great job...as usual!

OK, time for a sentimental twist....

On the way home I heard a song on the radio that nearly had me tears. It was called One Life to Love by 33 Miles.

Here are the lyrics to the chorus:

You only get just one time around,
You only get one shot at this,
One chance,
To find out,
The one thing that you don't wanna miss,
One day when its all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough,
This one ride,
One try,
One life,
To love.
This was a great reminder for me to keep focus on the things that truly matter. It is definitely easy to become consumed by the mounting pressures and nuisances life can bring, esp with motherhood!

On those moments when your little ones are acting up or extremely fussy, just stop and remember to love those moments because they belong to you in your one precious life!

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