A REALLY funny mommy blog

Daniella has a playdate today after school so I don't have to go pick her up. What did I decide to do with my new found time (all 20 minutes of it)??? I visited the link I received from the Blogger Choice Awards.

***I had to take a break from writing. Obviously I should have used my 20 minutes more wisely! Riley walked in eating a cough drop (I didn't give her one) and Joshua had poop in his pants...and all over the toilet...and under his finger nails.

...but I digress (an homage to the Ryan's Steakhouse letter)

I found a very funny blog that was nominated in 4 different categories and placed pretty high all of them (even 1st for Best Parenting Blog) called "Because I said so". It written by a SAHM and mom of 6, Dawn Meehan. She has a sarcastic sense of humor that is awesome and is amazingly upbeat even after taking care of her six!

There are quite a few posts so I just skipped around and read a few. I will definitely go back when (if) time allows!

Here are a few of the funny links on her site I found:

**this one had me almost in tears!


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